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Adult Leader Position Descriptions

All Adult Leaders should be registered members of the troop as Troop Committee Members.

Troop Committee Members and Adult Leaders are essential to the functioning of the troop. This rewarding experience allows adult volunteers to plan and participate in troop activities, and to participate in the day-to-day operations of the troop. Troop Committee positions have varied responsibilities that fit with a wide variety of talents and skills.

Training expectations: Troop Committee Members and Adult Leaders must have current Youth Protection Training. For some positions, additional training is required. Please see the Training page for more information.

For a list of current position holders and their contact information, please see the troop roster (login required).

Position Descriptions:

Scoutmaster – With the aid of the Assistant Scout Masters, is responsible for the safe and educational execution of activities and events / Leads weekly meetings / Leads monthly TLC meetings. Assures that all duties and responsibilities are filled and carried out by appropriate scouts and volunteer parents / Attends monthly Council meetings. / Attends monthly Troop Committee meetings.

Assistant Scoutmaster – Assist Scoutmaster and Senior Patrol Leader in running meetings / assist scouts with advancement

Adult Quartermaster – See that Troop gear is properly maintained and accounted for / Propose new equipment needs to the Troop Committee.

Fundraising Coordinator (Fertilizer) – Coordinate the Troop fundraising activities associated with the annual fertilizer sale / Attend monthly Troop Committee meetings.

Fundraising Coordinator (Fiesta Parades) – Coordinate the Troop fundraising activities associated with the Fiesta parade chair sales / Attend monthly Troop Committee meetings.

Recruitment Coordinator – Serve as a liaison with Webelos Dens in the area and spearhead recruitment / Welcome new scout families / Attend monthly Troop Committee meetings.

Life to Eagle Coordinator – The primary role of the Troop Eagle Coordinator is to advise the Scout and assist him in working through the Eagle Project process, from developing his project idea, writing his project proposal, and providing assistance in obtaining the required project approval from the District Advancement Chairman. District approval is required prior to the Scout performing any work on the project, including raising funds or scheduling work days.

Advancement Chariman – – Establish times, enlists the aid of parents and coordinates attendance for scout reviews / Attend monthly Troop Committee meetings / Serve at Courts of Honor and Eagle Courts of Honor.

Webmaster – Maintain a unit website, send reminders of upcoming events / Create an update and informational brochure for prospective new scouts.

Special Events and Service Projects Coordinator – Coordinate community and civic outreach/Identify potential Eagle Projects/ Arrange parade participation / Cemetery Flag Raising / Other activities / Attend monthly Troop Committee meetings.

Records Coordinator and Historian/Librarian – Keep a record of all completed physical forms / Maintain a file of frequently used forms / Maintain a unit library of merit badge pamphlets and other resources / List all material available for use / Maintain a file of Eagle projects.

High Adventure Coordinator – Research, plan, coordinate logistics, make reservations, and attend activities for a summer high adventure trip geared toward older scouts ages 14-18, (Philmont, canoe trip, etc.). Requires 10-12 days absence from work and extensive travel.

Committee Chairman – Chairs monthly Troop Committee meetings / Acts as a liaison with church sponsoring organization and with District Council / Prepares and submits annual charter and collects annual fees.

Treasurer – Attend monthly Troop Committee meetings / Help with budgeting, collection, and payment of funds for the troop.

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© 2024 BSA Troop 285 - Boy Scouts of America