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Troop Handbook


Scoutbook is an advancement tracking tool that also has messaging and calendar features.

After registering with the Troop, you will receive an email from Scoutbook.

Important Steps to Get Started:

  1. Click on the link provided in the email and set up a username/password.
  2. Click on “My Account” and then “Edit Profile.”
  3. Ensure that all of your contact information is correct.  Save. 
  4. Add a cell phone number if not already there, and click on “Verify.”  Follow the steps. Save.
  5. Click on your scout’s name, then “Edit Profile” and ensure that all contact info/school and grade info are correct.  Save.
  6. Upload picture
  7. On the same page (Scouts Name, Edit Profile), at the bottom, click on the link that says, “Invite Scout to Connect.” Enter the scout’s email and save.
    1. This allows the scout to have access to track their own advancement.

Parents and Scouts have access to:

  • Edit their own profiles
    • View scout’s advancement, awards, etc. (in progress and completed)
    • Mark items as “completed” on a certain date and post any notes about     the item.
    • Invite Merit Badge Counselors to connect to the scout for approval of merit badges
    • Send messages to others through Scoutbook
    • RSVP to events

Places to click and look around:

  • My Dashboard – Unit, Scout, My Account
  • My Account – Edit Profile, Adult Leadership positions, training, etc.
  • Scout’s Advancement – Ranks and Merit Badges
  • Scout’s Awards – All other awards (ex: Totin’ Chip, Cyber Chip, Religious Emblems, etc.)
  • If you have questions, email Risa Alonso at [email protected]

These communication system are used with the best intentions to be effective and successful.  All suggestions for improved communication are welcome.

© 2024 BSA Troop 285 - Boy Scouts of America
© 2024 BSA Troop 285 - Boy Scouts of America