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Camp Fawcett Service Project

Need dads and older scouts to help build forms for a concrete slab.

See message from Kevin Marquardt…..we need some dads and senior scouts willing to volunteer at Camp Fawcett on October 21. If available, please contact Bill McCalister at [email protected].

Subject: RE: Camp Fawcett Upgrade

Mr. Mac,

My plan is to form the slab, lay the plastic and tie the steel. I think that depending on the people that 285 is sending us, there will probably be enough skills available to get more of the project done. As of tonight, Hardy Hardin is planning on taking his machine out there to dig the beams in the slab. While we are forming and working on that he is going to start digging trenches and laying the pipe. So, I can use some guys to help me form and work on the slab and he could use a couple to shovel dirt and lay pipe.

We are planning on getting there Saturday morning. I will stay as long as it takes to get the slab formed.

Please RSVP for this event through Scoutbook

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© 2024 BSA Troop 285 - Boy Scouts of America