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Troop Handbook

General Expectations


Set the example:  Come to many activities as possible in your proper uniform.  Behaving properly; showing respect to others and by being organized; and thoughtful of the Troop. 

Be prepared:  Plan ahead. Follow the necessary steps to get ready. Evaluate the desirable outcomes and keep in mind that plans change and we have to learn how to adapt.

Take your role seriously:  Be proud of what you do, and seek to make your contributions to the Troop more relevant by assuming responsibilities.  In short words:  Grow/learn by doing. Don’t just show up; participate.

To participate:  participation half of what is needed to be successful in life.

The Scoutmaster’s vision is very simple. He teaches them, demonstrates them,  and leads by example. 

Troop Policies & Rules

These rules are considered necessary to ensure proper operation of the Troop.

  • All Scouts are expected to obey the Scout Law, Oath, Motto and Slogan.
  • Proper uniforms are to be worn at all official Scout functions. The required uniform is set by the Scoutmaster, but generally is as follows:
    • August – May: Class A uniform – official BSA shirt, trousers or shorts, neckerchief, slide, belt and buckle, brown shoes or hiking boots. When shorts are worn, BSA socks are required.
    • June-August: Class B – a Troop 285 t-shirt with BSA shorts, socks, and belt and buckle.
  • Each Scout will conduct himself properly at all times. Repeated issues of conduct will be conferred to the parent and may require suspension from the Troop or camp.

Participation in all events is highly encouraged. Rank advancement and other awards are earned at a self-paced rate. Parents/Mentors who are involved in scouting activities will help guide their son to be an enthusiastic and engaged scout. Keeping them on the advancement track. Attendance and participation by scouts and parents support scout spirit.

© 2024 BSA Troop 285 - Boy Scouts of America
© 2024 BSA Troop 285 - Boy Scouts of America